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This is a page devoted to Custom Pocket Frogs . Have you heard of them? Do you want them? Do you know how to create them?

I design Custom Pocket Frogs for the appstore app sensation Pocket Frogs! I am currently at level 54. My plus network and game center user name is grimmster625. And my youtube channel where i showcase Custom Pocket Frogs Videos is PocketFrogPrince.

If you see custom pocket frogs you like, or have an idea for a new design that you think would be cool, you can leave a comment there or view the fb page Custom Pocket Frogs. Find it by searching on fb for Custom Pocket Frogs.

This Wiki is for everyone to share their ideas about new Pocket Frog Creations.

On average, the Custom Pocket Frogs created by designer PocketFrogPrince take from an hour to two and a half hours to create. It all depends on the details and the design, to customize you bring up the image of the base frog and then work in layers so that the design you want is on the frog.. of course you need to be very proficient in Paint type software.

For those of you that are able to contribute, open the page Custom Pocket Frog Pics and post yours there. Here are a few more Custom Pocket Frogs for you to view, click the thumbnail


TRIBIO-Designer PocketFrogPrince


CORTADA-Designer PocketFrogPrince



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Pocket Frogs is an addictive app from Nimblebit and the topic of this Wiki is Custom Pocket Frogs!

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